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Vooraus Lubes Engine Oil consists of high grade wear resistance additives, improved viscosity, corrosion inhibitor and Anti-oxidant. Our specially formulated engine oils used in 4 stroke motorcycle gasoline (petrol) engines. Our engine oil is manufactured in Singapore with high safety and quality according to ISO 9001:2012 standard. Recommended shelf life is 3 to 3.5 years, but normally can last for 5 years Recommended for almost all the motorcycles Our High performance and premium quality lubricants ensure cost savings by: Extended Service Life, Increase Productivity, Reduce Consumption and Improved Process Quality

Extend Engine life

Ensures maximum engine performance and power

Reduces oxidation during engine operation

Reduces carbon, acid, wax deposits and sludge formations

Ensures smoother, cooler and quitter engine performance

Keeps engine running cleaner and more efficient